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Understanding emotion has the power to change lives – it gives you back your authenticity.

As the professional benefits of the Perdekamp Emotion Method (PEM™) were being widely experienced, it became apparent that these benefits extended beyond the realm of professional performance and impacted various aspects of participants’ lives.

Studies into the Perdekamp Emotion Method moved to explore the wholistic benefits to a person’s wellbeing.

From this work, EMCA, or Emotion Management & Communication Ability has been developed as an emotion support tool for anyone looking to improve their life.

The EMCA body-focused methodology allows emotional issues to be identified and underlying emotional conditioning to be clearly understood. Our exercises train access to the human emotional system safely and reliably.

Simple step-by-step training helps to clear emotional blockages, focus on interoception to feel the internal cues in our body, relieve emotional tensions and help you to re-establish a calm and functional emotional life.

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1-1 Coaching

Participate in private, live online sessions where our experts delve into different aspects of emotional well-being, providing you with insights and techniques to manage your feelings effectively through our EMCA™ program.

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Uncover your emotional landscape in a supportive, online group environment. Our comprehensive training materials, curated by certified EMCA™ trainers, offer a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical exercises to boost your emotional intelligence.

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PEM™ &


The Perdekamp Emotion Method (PEM™) offers a versatile approach to emotional management, unlocking performer’s individuals’ emotional potential for personal growth and professional success. By adapting PEM™ to various applications, actors, singers and performers from all disciplines can learn to better understand, access, and manage their emotions, leading to improved emotional intelligence, communication skills, performances and overall well-being.

Emotion Management & Communication Ability (EMCA) is as an emotion support tool. 

EMCA™’s body-focused training is a safe, repeatable and non-masking way to identify the 6 basic human emotions. It allows you to express and ultimately manage those 6 basic emotions and also the many mixed emotions they project into. 

The Kalliso Framework

Discover the core components of PEM™ that form the basis of its diverse applications:
  1. Emotional Awareness: PEM™ teaches you to identify neural trigger points in your body to help understand the link between these points and your emotions.
  2. Emotional Deactivation and Recovery: PEM™ cultivates emotional resilience by teaching you how to deactivate your emotional patterns and recover from intense emotional experiences.
  3. Emotional Expression: PEM™ encourages you to express your emotions authentically, enhancing emotional intelligence and communication skills.
  4. Emotional Activation: PEM™ provides exercises that safely activate emotional patterns, enabling you to experience and understand your emotional responses.
  5. Emotional Management: PEM™ equips you with effective tools and techniques to manage your emotions in different situations.
  6. Emotional Safety and Support: PEM™ underscores the importance of a safe and supportive environment for engaging with emotions.

EMCA can help you achieve:

  • A clearer understanding of emotions
  • Increase of Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Emotional Health and Resilience (EHR)
  • Dramatic reduction in stress and anxiety
  • Safe handling of emotions and the emotions of those around you
  • Increased emotional clarity and stability
  • Improved communication skills

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