Unlock the Power of Your Emotions

Emotions are an integral part of who we are as human beings, yet they are often misunderstood.

Embrace Your Emotions, & Empower Your Life

We often associate emotions with intense outbursts and overwhelming feelings. However, the real issue isn’t the emotion itself, but rather our education around what they are, and how to manage them

Connect with your emotions and begin to find out who you really are.

Master your emotions for your life

Kalliso’s PEM Wellbeing courses offer accessible training for everyone

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Join a supportive live, online group

All courses follow the PEM Wellbeing program and are taught by a certified PEM Instructor for 90mins each week in a supportive, live, online group environment.

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Be more authentically you

We tend to mistake our patterns around emotions for who we are as people. As we learn to address and release our emotional conditioning, we can begin to find out who we really are.

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Find your drive and follow your passions

Emotions are innate, and we are born with them for a reason. They guide and support our lives. They give us energy, help us to make decisions, to communicate, and live as who we truly are.

3 Simple steps to discover the power of your emotions

Don’t let misconceptions about emotions hold you back any longer


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All courses are run over Zoom in a safe and friendly online space.
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Ricarda Röper-Ott

M.A. Counselling

“Thank you very much for this great course and the techniques for stress management and relaxation. I will take a lot with me and will certainly practice it regularly, especially the feeling of “happiness” and the associated exercises really appealed to me. Thank you very much for this experience!”

Experience the power of emotion

Learn how to access and manage one of the most powerful forces in your life.

Kalliso’s PEM Wellbeing course is safe to access and manage one of the most powerful forces in your life.

PEM has been developed over 25 years to enable safe access to your emotions.

The Kalliso Training

Discover what your emotions can do for you

Our 8-Week Online Courses focus on one emotion at a time, with an in-depth focus on clearing and revitalising different areas of your emotional well-being.

PEM Wellbeing Foundation 1


If you have felt stuck, lethargic, or like you’re lacking drive in your life, it may be because the movement of Aggression in your emotional system is blocked. Aggression is there to propel us forward; it gives us drive. On the other side, if we haven’t learned how to manage Aggression, then we may have problems with healthily expressing and releasing anger which can lead to problems with stress, anger management, and communication.

Healthily express and release anger

Find greater presence in your life

Overcome difficult situations and build resilience

Be assertive and direct when you need to be

Stand up for yourself and others

Be more grounded and in your body

Find your drive and follow your passions

What are you waiting for? Discover what your emotions can do for you.

PEM Wellbeing Foundation 2


Most of us spend our lives chasing happiness without really knowing what it is. Happiness is an essential part of our emotional system because it is there to help us relax, let go, and open up. And when that’s lacking in our life, we can feel stressed, find it difficult to slow down, and feel like we’re always “on” even in our downtime. Have you ever gone on holiday and almost immediately gotten sick? These are signs you need to work with the movement of Happiness. Learning to truly relax and let go is vital for us to have a balanced emotional life, for more connected relationships, and to experience fulfillment in the way we live.

Discover what true relaxation is in your body

Sleep easier, and deeper

Become more emotionally available

Have closer, more connected relationships

Make the most of your time off with productive rest

Make conscious choices about opening up/protecting yourself

Choose to be happy whenever you want (Yes, you can!)

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PEM Wellbeing Foundation 3


Our associations with Grief tend to be solely with loss, pain, and suffering. But there is an enormous amount of strength in Grief that is important to recognise. Grief teaches us how to hold on to what’s important to us, whether that’s to our purpose in life or to the people we love. We see the strength in this when activists continue to fight for their mission despite all the obstacles, and how mothers are able to run into burning buildings to save their children. When Grief is unclear in our body, we may notice ourselves shutting off when we lose somebody, finding our throat blocks up when we need to cry, or even holding onto past relationships years after they’ve ended. We need to reframe our narrative of Grief to how it gives us strength and supports our lives.

Healthily process grief and loss

Have closer, more meaningful relationships

Find strength, maturity and “oomph” in yourself

Allow for easeful expressions of Grief in the voice

Fight for what’s important to you

Feel when to keep fighting and when to let go

Experience your own size and capacity

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PEM Wellbeing Foundation 4


Desire is the only emotion that is unique to the individual. Everyone has different tastes, curiosities, and preferences. Have you ever met someone, and you simply couldn’t believe they didn’t like a food that you love? That’s because everyone’s Desire is different. However, our own unique Desire can become confused with what we’ve been raised to like, or what we think we should enjoy. If your Desire is unclear, this can lead to feeling embarrassed, awkward, shy, or confused about what you want. Unlocking Desire in your emotional system will lead you down an exciting path of self-discovery as you learn to find out what your unique interests and passions are – from the food you eat and the clothes you wear to your relationships and your dreams in life.

Experience more joy

Make tedious tasks fun

Bring renewed fevour and fun into your relationships

Communicate what you want and express yourself

Find your own individual drive and motivation

Discover the aliveness of all your senses

Become less self-conscious

Be more authentically you

Never be bored again!

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PEM Wellbeing Foundation 5


We generally only associate Fear with the failure of its natural movement, which results in us being trapped. Fear is the opposite, it is there to give us energy, to run away, to experience freedom and strength in speed. How many people love seeing horror films, going on rollercoasters, playing tag, or hide and seek?
This is all to experience Fear – Fear can be fun! What isn’t fun, is when fear becomes stuck, or when it holds us back from doing something we want to. By unlocking Fear within your nervous system, you can experience the freedom that comes from being able to follow your Fear into movement straight away, instead of feeling stuck or trapped with it.

Manage and release panic attacks

Release past experiences of Fear being stuck in your body

Get tasks done quickly and efficiently

Rediscover the fun in experiencing Fear

Feel your initial impulses before they build into feelings of anxiety

Reframe the negative connotations attached to Fear

Give yourself energy when you need it

Enjoy your own speed and strength

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PEM Wellbeing Foundation 6


Have you ever had that feeling that something is off, but you’re not sure why? A feeling that you need to walk away from someone, or a situation? This is Revulsion, and it is universally one of the most suppressed emotions. Revulsion is there to say no, to push away, and to create distance. If it’s difficult for you to set boundaries, if you find yourself staying in uncomfortable situations for too long, or tend to be a people-pleaser, these are signs that Revulsion needs to be cleared within your emotional system. Revulsion is a very strong movement that gives us the strength to walk away when we need to, to stand up for ourselves, and to act on our internal compass when it says something is wrong.

Set clear boundaries

Honour your body’s impulse to say no

Stop people pleasing

Listen to your internal compass

Leave situations and people that are not good for you

Walk away with a sense of strength in yourself

Stand up for yourself and others

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