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Kalliso Techniques and its parent program Perdekamp Emotional Method (PEM™) provide groundbreaking practical training for emotional awareness and self-regulation.

Kalliso Techniques & the Perdekamp Emotional Method (PEM)

Kalliso Techniques were developed from its parent program the Perdekamp Emotional Method, which is leading a breakthrough in the Arts by providing performers with a healthy approach to emotions in their work. PEM™ addresses physiological trigger centres in the nervous system and encourages you to express your emotions authentically, enhancing emotional intelligence and communication skills.

PEM™ teaches you – through a series of awareness exercises – to address those trigger centres, enabling you to access your true emotional system directly and consciously.


Additionally, PEM™ offers a wide range of exercises to clear up unconscious emotional blockages in order to give you access to the basic biological function of emotions and control over your internal emotional processes.

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Professor Tony Attwood

Clinical Psychologist, World Leading Expert on Autism Spectrum Disorders

Isabel Lucas, Actor