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Kalliso | Home of PEM™ is the only certified provider who is committed to promoting Perdekamp Emotional Method (PEM™), a transformative approach to emotional management and performance development.

We believe in the power of emotional intelligence for personal growth and professional success, and our mission is to integrate PEM™ into a wide range of applications, including personal development, wellbeing, acting and beyond.


Kalliso | PEM Acting

Kalliso’s Perdekamp Emotional Method is a revolutionary body-based technique that offers a reliable and effortless approach to consistently deliver fresh and authentic performances take after take, allowing you to shine in auditions and on screen.


Kalliso | Wellbeing

Kalliso Wellbeing Emotional Techniques and its parent program Perdekamp Emotional Method (PEM™) provide groundbreaking practical training for emotional awareness and self-regulation.

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WELLBeing Training

Connect with your emotions and communicate better. Learn how to maintain new levels of personal wellbeing, energy and emotional resilience.

Actor Development

Unlock the power of authentic emotions and consistently create the performances you know you are capable of – but haven’t yet accessed on demand.


Perdekamp Emotional Method (PEM™) offers a versatile approach to emotional management, unlocking performer’s individuals’ emotional potential for personal growth and professional success. By adapting PEM™ to various applications, actors, singers and performers from all disciplines can learn to better understand, access, and manage their emotions, leading to improved emotional intelligence, communication skills, performances and overall well-being.

PEM™ is designed as an emotion support tool for established interventions and therapies. It works as an enabler by delivering solutions to common underpinning symptoms from conditions such as Alexithymia.

PEM™’s body-focused training is a safe, repeatable and non-masking way to identify the 6 basic human emotions. It enables one to express and ultimately manage those 6 basic emotions and also the many mixed emotions they project into. This training enables therapists to work more effectively in their interventions, as it lays foundational skills needed for many of the commonly used approaches.